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The company moves guideline
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Does the company move the job with what problem, main have does need consider to need to do?

The company moves unlike average resident, need considers the issue with more complex more, be like:

1. Search office building: Need and the company of office building representative of one pile reach the salesperson contact with of office building. Want experience to look for a building, see building, negotiation, lot contract, receive a few measure such as the building.

2. Large-scale design decorates: Decorate contest mark, research to decorate blueprint, actual reconnaissance is done to the spot in decorating a process, decorate check and accept, the maintenance after decorating serves.

3. Do fair furniture: Decide according to decorating blueprint to lie between a budget with seat layout and company mediumly new office uses what kind of furniture:

Buy new furniture

Use old furniture

Wash out partial old furniture, need probably secondhand the market

What decide all new old furniture ahead of schedule according to decorating blueprint paper is specific put the position

Do what the pubic provides to demolish, carry, installation.

4. Manage fair facility: According to the demand of new office, whether the decision buys new facility or secondhand equipment, whether should handle old equipment.

5. System of phone, network: After moving, whether normal motion affects the business operation of the company directly soon, must do well so: Look for a telecommunication to do sth for sb service company helps you do decide all issues related to phone system, include switching equipment to move line of application of line of machine, new phone, speech mailbox application, old phone cancels to wait.

6. Wiring of strong weak report: According to the circumstance of the company, can let decorate company or company of service of telephone network sth resembling a net to do.

7. Of all article arrange, bale, carry, rearrange.

8. Other preparation work is very much also: Faculty of the issuance that location of the change of company charter, change informs, announcement arrives the specific place after new office division and new extension number.

9. Move succeeding activity is very much also: System of phone, network is stable beautification of excessive, Bao Jie, security personnel, environment.

10. Environmental development understands new office periphery: Know the environment of new office periphery, inform faculty of relevant note ahead of schedule: Include the traffic situation, line that take a car, the distributinging circumstance of service or the public place of entertainment such as dining-room, bank.