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Move a common sense
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1, freezer  moves to extract plug before today, defrost in order to go water portion, move move after new residence locates, electrify goes again after placing 30 minutes please. 
2, television  binds state to be protected on firebug act with quilt first; Reoccupy adhesive plaster ties up TV plug fixed.  of     
3, computer  stocks all your documentation floppy disk or compress a file, good with computer appropriative case and protective material outfit, should notice to be far from TV, acoustics and a few otherer the electric equipment that produces magnetic field possibly; If do not have, should use bubble piece has been installed and put paper case in (get together for instance foam of Xi of stupid second  the paper of plastic, rug, cockle) , make clear computer outside.  printer  has been installed with original case, get off palette and tray from laser or ink jet printer course of study, a piece of paper inserts reoccupy inside the reel pressing paper that  enters needle printer. 
4, illume appliance  first case of lamps and lanterns, and be all round lamps and lanterns put some of newspaper to make its fixed; Need not seal a box, after making bearer can see  of  microwave oven, oven fits criterion, one aperture lets rift the person can see the article inside dainty.  of acoustics of  of      tastes packet of good case to protect with flatwork, secure with adhesive plaster put the lead plane such as a small box. 
5,  of ark of the head of a bed is torn open get off the screw spare parts of course of study holds the say sth definitive so as to prevent further discussion in plastic bag, adhere in headboard with double-faced glue, lest offer as a gift,fall.  table  uses pasteboard skin to secure 4 desks role protection with adhesive plaster first, reoccupy rope laps desk horn damages with preventing. 
6, ambry  takes out the article in the drawer first, reoccupy adhesive plaster has stuck each drawer fixed; The article reload that takes out enters paper case, carry a  to come very convenient.  of     
7, dresser  knows to have face mirror to let bearer, it is good lens biscuit to should use transparent and epispastic cloth so, cosmetic is good with paper bag respectively  loads plastic bag inside.  of     
8, draw kind of  to cut on 3 striation each in the both sides of paper bag with art design knife, the two side  that can use all ad paper bag of good park of paper or picture scroll is carried. Other things still can be put in bag. 
9, dog and feline  car are long-distance when carrying, animal may because of carsick and the phenomenon that produces sickness, move so reach with  in the evening before today move to did not feed a thing as far as possible in the morning that day. 
10, bird  puts hydrous dehydration cotton in birdcage, to won't alarm bird, move gently again after the cloth on the lid move.  of     
11, view and admire piscine  to load the fish inside a few big polybag, the water inside bag and air half and half. Put bag into 2 inside insulation container. The fish of bigger  can put the bucket that close inside, want to maintain constant temperature as far as possible.    
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