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Move dispute this how does thought for the time being
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In recent years, the business of remover gradually flourishing rises, had remover, common people moves to also need not run around here and there to look for a car again, however remover is in people is brought convenient while, also brought a few trouble to consumer, make move the phenomenon of “ dispute ” produces … from time to tome…
On fire of the car in carriage road 88 thousand yuan of furniture are burned
A few days ago, this city one furniture company decides with one remover through the phone, need general river east the furniture of office of a few advanced entrances inside area storehouse carries area of boreal celestial bodies. After a few days, resettlement begins formally. Remover carried partial furniture the first day first, when continueing to carry the following day, the chief bang of the company sees carriage car is insufficient, and goods is compared again much, call then the friend Zhang Jiang that called up oneself helps carry goods.
Zhang Jiang is Chongqing comes a farmer of ferry, have oneself freight car, that day, he drives hurry to the spot to help carry goods. Who knows, arrive when wagon travel on the way when abrupt on fire, the furniture of advanced entrance office furniture company and goods are all burn down. When relevant section undertakes cognizance to fire cause, reach the immediate cause of “ conflagration accident is unidentified the conclusion of ” .
An anonymous conflagration, the advanced entrance furniture that makes the furniture company of this car entire is destroyed at once. Furniture company thinks bang and Zhang Jiang ought to assume responsibility, sue a requirement then 2 people recoup pecuniary loss jointly 100 thousand yuan.
During the court is tried, via furniture company application, the court entrusts asset to evaluate a company to undertake to furniture loss judicatory is evaluated, the value that assesses finally is more than yuan 88 thousand.
So how should bang and Zhang Jiang recoup the loss of furniture company after all? Court of first instance thinks, bang is entrusted with what Zhang Jiang accepts furniture company, carry goods for furniture company, although did not sign written contract, but had formed in fact entrust a contract to concern. Bang and Zhang Jiang are in the process that carries goods for furniture company, did not send destination goods safety, bring about furniture company to suffer a loss, had made break a promise, ought to recoup furniture company pecuniary loss jointly more than yuan 88 thousand.
(Case go-between content all is alias)
Expert view: Autograph contract, seek professional company cannot little
So common people is in when finding remover, what problem needs to notice? Assistant dean of courtyard of law of Tianjin business college Professor Qi Enping reminds everybody, when the citizen is choosing remover, must seek credit the remover with good, all ready formalities. If need,carry for special article, than waiting like equipment of a few large instruments, need to search a few special, the remover that has aptitude will undertake carrying.
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