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Pretend to be remover to come to steal
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Dong Lai of dragon mouth city is street the Li Mou's couple of agency all the year round outer deal, after coming home this year in March, discover the worthy thing such as the furniture in the home, electric equipment vanished. Neighbour people say, before a month, the person of a gang remover took away the thing of their home.

Iron general often is in home of Li Mou's couple guard a gate. A day of this year Feburary, home Li Mou is abrupt and lively rise, a small freight car stops in the doorway, a group

Ground of in and out moves the person on past car thing, it seems is to moving, can neighbour people strange the person that how moves is also known? Unfamiliar groups small come over to tell everybody, li Mou is his uncle, sold the house, entrusted him to move the thing in the home, neighbour people believe. The following day, this group of person moved the 3rd day of …… all the time a week, neighbour people be accustomed to sth, enthusiastic still is being helped even carry utensils.

Arrived in an instant by March, li Mou's couple comes home from outside, take the door foolish eye, the freezer in the home, air conditioning, color television, washing machine, sofa disappears without trace entirely, a few old clotheses are left only in so large home. Neighbour people this ability suddenly be enlightened, move so that group of person is a thief! Li Mou's couple reports a case to the security authorities subsequently, burglar is seized very quickly. Original burglar is the Zou Mou of adjacent village, he discovers Li Mou's couple is richer, and do not be in the home all the year round, arose to pretend to be the idea that remover steals then. Show Zou Mou already by to sue.

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