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Move the claim for compensation that lose money does not have evidence
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Recently, live in Ms. Wu of area of the hillock austral haing city to be mirrorred to our newspaper, recently new residence of her move to a better place or have a promotion, looked for a remover to move, cleared in the evening that day discover 700 yuan of ready money that are put inside mobile phone bag and a watch are missing however when article.
Introduce according to Ms. Wu, 9 days, she employs happy remover the 7th join in the branch moves.
Altogether came to 8 move worker and two drivers. Her memory says, because furniture is more, whole move process from midday 12 when last to in the evening all the time 7 when. Because move the spot is messier, her husband puts mobile phone package in the drawer of an ambry. Whole in the evening family is clearing the discovery when article, her husband is put in all sorts of certificate in the handbag to be thrown around at will, and 700 yuan of cash inside the bag and a watch did not see sign. The following day Ms. Wu found remover, ask this company investigates this matter thoroughly, give oneself a satisfactory answer. The manager answer of remover says, property is missing ought to report a case to the security authorities to public security mechanism, will handle this matter by the policeman. They found garden market police station of place, police station says, this matter is insufficient standard of put on record, want them to go back to talk things over by oneself solve. Both sides talks things over to also do not have a result for many times.

To this, happy remover the 7th join in the Liu director of the company says to the reporter, the worker of their company worked 23 years in the company the old stuff of above, won't do this kind of thing absolutely, and Ms. Wu also can prove without relevant evidence what the employee that is a company is. He still emphasizes saying, the company is an enterprise only, non-privileged employ such as search the person to employee, cross-question wait for investigation method, investigate this matter without method so.