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Beijing complains a letter to open move trap
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Complain a letter to open “ to move trap”

Partial remover digging pit sets trap of the “ that cover cloth”

Our newspaper teachs your dimension authority to see action tear open action hide “ attack by a hidden enemy”

Editor comrade:

On October 19 that day, I by black ” of “ of ground of remover firm firm one. At that time, I looked for a remover to help me move, beforehand I had been told with their controller in the phone, price is 140 yuan of money, time is decided in the late evening 7 when.

When talking about valence I ask the person of remover: “ price has been told, do not increase fund? They answer ” : “ does not increase fund! I ask ” again: Won't a kind of any circumstances add “ money? They answer ” very for certain: “ is! ”

But, when beginning to move, the person break an agreement of remover. They blame the thing that says my home first too fragmentary and bad to move, the car emphasizes cannot opening building unit doorway again after, must increase fund so, and be being added is 100 yuan.

I ask: “ are we come to an agreement or understanding do not increase fund? Because I did not tell them the car does not stop building entrance beforehand,they say ” is this circumstance, flat later if admitting to had said “ does not add valence ” . The most annoying is, the 3 individual manners that remover comes to are very overbearing, pulling a voice to shout greatly in my home cry, say: “ should be moved have to increase fund, do not move the air that has to give 50 money to sail cost! ”

I am quite furious at that time, but rest to do not affect neighbour, was forced 50 their money let them leave rapidly. Although money is not much, but let a person choke with resentment really: The eye looks at the thing in the home to make nice package, do not move new home, the home before connects an offal the place was done not have, so late where do we go living? This remover is simply bluff person scurvy ……

Reader gold gentleman

Golden gentleman tells a reporter, oneself are the trap that fell into remover in. The person that has moved the home says, “ sits ” of the price since the ground still is “ moves only the one annulus in trap ” , consumer a bit not careful, just can escape a hole, entered another to cover again.

“ sits ” of the price since the ground captures consumer soft costal region

“ sits the one action with the commonly used remover that ” of the price since the ground is a lot of frame-up compasses, however time and again procurable. The Laowu that Jilin comes to once had worked in two remover of Shenyang, he says the remover of Shenyang is particularly much now, consumer is sure meeting “ goods compares 3 ” . If “ says to move a piano to want to increase how many fund at the beginning, the crock that move bath should increase how many fund again, the family is about for certain aggregate, lane is bad to can look for other company to move. So we are gone to commonly low say an appraised price, arrive in front of the room that just has argy-bargy. ”
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