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Move to prepare early please before the Spring Festival
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Many citizens bought bridal chamber, after been decorate, plan to be being taken the advantage of spend the New Year move new residence.

Although say it is OK to look for remover save trouble is not little, but a few preparation before moving work, also get with one one's heart to endeavor.

Above all, before move the citizen wants to disassemble of all kinds article, press need everyday things (if do the textbook of general articles for use, child and stationery or toilet articles to wait) , the dress, book and clean things (like dishcloth, cleaner) wait for classification to bind strong; Make clear the article content that installs inside box outside box with earmark pen at the same time, lest best number is omited.

Disassemble when article, notice spare parts and key especially close put, lest assemble difficulty in the future.

What need reminds is, small are mixed fragmentary article can of case as far as possible case, do not come loose put, lest carry when scatter missing.

To a few brittle with valuable, due outside the box when case apparent designation is informed move staff member, use rag, newspaper and plastic foam to wait as far as possible when bale at the same time the interstitial cram inside box, lest carry a process in because get shake, bump and be damaged.

Other the valuable that waits like bullion gem, money, negotiable securities, certificate and antique, had better carry, do not put inside drawer, wrap up and furniture. Freezer is moving to need to cut off power source before today, to hydrate letting ice is used up.

The need when plant of flowers and plants is carried sets sponge thing in its bottom, winter should take heat preservation step.

Additional, drawer, ambry, freezer and washing machine the interior that wait be sure to clear sky, serve personnel to because of,be met otherwise too heavy and inconvenience is carried, furniture itself gets easily also in-house article rock, bump and be damaged. Inform what content canal books to move beforehand time, obligate gives parking space, lest remover car cannot nearby jockeys.

The fraise inside corridor wants beforehand Qing Dynasty goes, make sure the public facilities such as elevator can be used normally. The client's phone is best beforehand migratory, the mobile phone is round-the-clock switch on the mobile phone, with benefit at contact. Leave to should notice whether coal, water, report is shut when former residence.

Still have, the client is furnished mediumly to new home, there is a music in best heart, such, the immediateness when furniture is moved to new home is rapid perch, subtractive the trouble that carries again in the future. In carrying a process, the person that there are two aboves at least in the home cooperates each other.

One directs a worker to be moved inside house, another notices the car on furniture beside the car. In carrying a process, want someone escort in transportation. After car reachs new home, likewise such.
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