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Qingdao remover " ant " group expert thinks to go against a brand to grow
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“ looked for company of ’ of ant of a ‘ to move, discover freezer later by knock bad, call rapidly look for remover, but do not have,one is willing to admit. ” this morning, citizen model gentleman introduced him to move to the reporter the ” of “ ant difficult problem that encounter. The reporter interviews understanding to arrive, at present remover calls insular city a “ ant ” is similar perhaps of the brand those who take whole industry is close two into. Group of ” of market “ ant, because many citizens manage not clear impact often also appears “ complains ” circumstance by accident. Concerned expert thinks, company name “ gathers together ” is gone against the brand is modelled and grow.
Only ” of 3 “ ant has v/arc a person's status
The reporter dialed remover of ” of yellow ant of a “ randomly today, this Liu surnames a staff member to tell a reporter, they are the brand remover that the whole nation interlinks, hold water already 15 years. Subsequently the reporter dials the telephone of ” of company of ant of additionally a few “ , they also say they are “ authentic ” .
And the reporter understands from city industrial and commercial bureau, register “ ant to move in industrial and commercial bureau at present of ” have 3 companies only, include “ Jinan ant to carry red ant of Qingdao of ” of branch of limited company Qingdao, “ to move among them ” of service limited company and “ Qingdao ant move ” of service limited company, and own brand of “ ant ” have ” of “ Jinan ant only.
Become a monk late in life of ” of most “ ant
As we have learned, insular city red ant registered first ant remover 2002, move at that time there still is ” of “ ant company on the market. The likelihood is to be inspired by ” of “ red ant, perhaps draw lessons from nonlocal “ ant to move the experience that ” market runs, in before long city of the island in the day remover in succession “ changes ” of banner Yi Zhi, ” of ” of “ yellow ant, “ black ant and ” of “ ant king in succession emerge in large numbers. Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, insular city is at present famous the remover that has a last name 70 come to the home, and the coronal has many 10 with the remover of number of name of “ ant ” .
Industry of battle royal of “ ant ” gets hurt
Director of land of remover of Qingdao red ant introduces, ” of “ ant group lets a lot of consumer identify hard, gave a problem to find party very hard, often ” of ant of a “ gave a problem to arrive with respect to meeting drag in whole industry, such thing lets them very get hurt.
Group of ’ of ant of “ remover ‘ goes against a brand to grow, ministry of scientific research of Party school of ” municipal Party committee Professor Yin Huan 3 professors say he suggests, at present insular city moves the market did not form strong brand, below this kind of circumstance, if some enterprise can hardheaded found oneself brand, show itself probably, not was necessary to place all hopes on body of ” of ant of a “ .
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