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Wuhan good mother for the mentally retarded children do not move out of the Spec
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Pui Chi Centre School, Wuchang District, 11 years old mentally retarded boy Liu Wei, at the recent meeting of the Fifth National Special Olympics skating program won four gold, one silver and one bronze on the impressive achievements, Getting good news, the most exciting addition to Liu Wei's parents, as well as Jiyu Bridge Street in the "good mother" Li Cuiping. Yesterday's interview, Liu Wei Li Cuiping arms around, looking proudly, "'bent, hand thrown fast, some run in the first', which is the 'good mother' taught me, I remember when game. "Li Cuiping in the community who lives in happiness , Retired in 2003 after the mentally retarded through community contact her, let her keep on behalf of mentally retarded children, she became the Jiyu Bridge Street from the mothers of a member of. Established with the children because of deep feelings, is affectionately called the "good mother Mom. " Liu Wei was 3 years ago, came to her home, when life can not take care of themselves, eating feeding dignitaries, VIP toilet help, and now has been able to dress beds, simple addition and subtraction and common words are also learned. His skating talent is Trisha Ping was first discovered, one and a half ago, Li Cuiping found his body very flexible and especially good move, every time I see someone skating performances, eye-blink staring look. Li Cuiping these reflected in the school, Liu began Receiving targeted training, weekly, Li Cuiping skating should bring his tools, to send him to training. Because of its high talent, combined with hard training, his first National Special Olympics to gains six medals. "Normal child again to the church, they often have to teach dozens of times, a hundred times." For these children, Li Cuiping devoted a lot of effort to get up 6:30 am, to sleep after 11 pm, this schedule, She has insisted for 7 years. Li Cuiping said, her family bought a set of new houses in Hankow, quite a few years, but she had never moved in the past to live, because the children want to leave her, and she wanted the children are brought to nine-year compulsory education graduates . In her current foster home in addition to Liu Wei, there are three mentally retarded children, a film, "Zhou Zhou's story" in the childhood actor Zhou Zhou Wei Kai, there are like painting, playing drums and other good Wenwen , Li Cuiping said, watching the children Child are getting better and better, and have their own strengths, she was very pleased. When a reporter asked, "Who is most like" when the kids replied without hesitation, "good mother."