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Wuhan Port Terminal how to move three new bus station direct
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Long-distance passenger port in Wuhan car moved, so that some people feel uncomfortable. Yesterday, who lives in the very fact that Simen Kou told reporters that she has been in Wuhan to Hong Kong Island to the new car, and now a new wing for the village to the bus terminal, she was not used, do not know how to drive to the new wing village. A week ago, Wuhan, Hong Kong long-distance bus terminal outage, the original coach of more than 400 vehicles were diverted to the new wing the village bus terminal, passenger terminal and Yang Chun Jin Zhujiadun Lake Passenger Transit Center. Press inquiries to the present, New Wing Village, surrounded by light rail passenger station, bus 809,592,577,234,301,305 other lines converge with them. Maekawa Huangpi people to go to the Hankou Railway Station take the 292 is accessible to a new continent, Yangluo in the new wing of the public can take the village bus terminal 232 is accessible. If it is to Jingzhou, Yichang, Enshi, Icheon, etc., can be the first car to the Hankou Railway Station, Bus Station and then by coach Jin Zhujiadun. If it is to Qichun, yellow state, Xishui and other places, you can take bus 234 Road, 525 Road, 540 Road, 551 Road, 643 Road, 725 Road, 734 Road, Wuhan, in the end of the train station, the walk to Lake Ferry for Yang Chun by center.