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Saving move will become the market boosters
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With the tightening pressure is expected to gradually digest, Shenzhen and Shanghai this week, showing a bottom stabilizing the broader market trend. The Shanghai Composite Index based on 60 days in which the basic moving average support, and for a time line of resistance in exploratory recovered; and Shenzhen Component Index in Near the line to be supported on a small rebound after the market started the week rose to 1.98%, the overall performance better than Shanghai. Can be expected, with the gradual stabilization of inflation expectations and the tone of future policies become clear, pre-crash- induced Will further ease tensions, thus contributing to the recovery in market sentiment and market depth. We believe that, given the reality of inflation, a return to normalcy of future monetary policy and the policy has become a moderate tightening of the market consensus. In December the Central Economic Work Conference to re-set the tone before the policy aspect of uncertainty Market development is still a major constraint. Need to be reminded that in the CPI and the actual negative interest rates remained high expectations, beating the expectations of CPI has become the greatest power savings move. Statistics show that since 2010, established the fund has reached 130, raising the total size of more than 255.2 billion yuan. Despite the recent stock market fluctuated, but the new fund issue Reduobujian. This week a total of 27 new funds focused on distribution, Since the establishment of new funds in November to raise the average size of 3.459 billion copies, the average increase over this year doubled. At the same time, the two cities account for the number of new A shares also maintained a high level. It is expected that the state persists in the back of negative interest rates King, the savings will continue to move into the development of mid-market booster. From this week's hot performance, bio-pharmaceuticals, environmental protection, machinery and equipment manufacturing, smart grid, new industries such as stocks of things and the more prominent the overall performance of the GEM; At the same time, wine food, textile , Traveling plate, as well as Tibet, Qinghai and other regional plate stocks also have good performance. In-depth analysis can be found, as the end approaches, the market began to shift focus to the "second five" rules Closely related to planning, to benefit from economic restructuring and industrial upgrading in the industry sector, including strategic and emerging industries, the regional economy and domestic demand for consumer species.