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Some people rent to buy in the suburbs in the city of Wuhan is not blocking th
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Compared with the central urban area, housing prices in urban areas quite distant, "worthwhile", some people bought a house in the far city, first in the central city renters, for smooth flow of traffic and then moved into urban areas such as new homes. Yesterday, reporter learned from some developers and real estate website has learned that this weekend, the city far from urban rapid increase in new home sales, sell a house more than 500, more than Liucheng in the far city. Panlongcheng leaders in the city, is critically Liu told reporters, after the current lake, South Lake tablets are close to 6,000 yuan in new home prices, but more than 10 minutes by car as long as Panlongcheng 3,500 yuan / square meter, so want to buy a so a few years longer to live, "rental housing in the urban areas, such as the city does not buy a car and then blocked the move." Celebrities and the world in the dragon's Road, in particular, to work Miss Caijia Tian said that the current bus zone Panlongcheng is not a lot, but fortunately not too far away from the workplace, more than 40 minutes will have access to, catch Wuchang similar. City Housing Authority's online filing figures show the average transaction price of new houses in the city weekend 5200 ~ 5700 yuan / square meter, down from the same period the previous week, which recently went public to buy a house far from town on.