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When moving, rich other people is taken
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The valuable when moving is carried

Call out by small handbill conveniently come remover, the ability after new residence happy change discovers 15000 yuan of ready money that are put below the bed disappeared. On April 3, du Nv person is taking police station to help the illicit money that seeks, feel to hold out in the heart at odds. The home moved cash to do not have

The Du Nv that lives in area of Tie Xiyan pink person in north all the way around bought bridal chamber. Moving is a troublesome issue, on April 2 afternoon, see the remover small ad with the visible everywhere in corridor, conveniently of Du Nv person dialed a telephone. “ is good, sure, arrive immediately, absolutely privilege! ” is not big a little while, a driver drives taking 3 bearer to come, demur does not say to begin to work.

Busy occasion lasted all the time 1 many hours, spot director is added attend a thing, until move end paid debt, du Nv person also did not remember sign any literal agreements with the other side. Morrow in the morning, 15000 yuan of cash that Du Nv person discovers suddenly to he is put below the bed disappeared.

Bearer shows illicit money in domestic toilet

On April 3 morning, du Nv person will to colourful pink police station report a case to the security authorities, what police thinks of above all is the worker of remover.

“ if I took money, the day hits 5 thunder to bang! ” faces the inquiry of police, the employee of 4 remover pledges to the day. Press a program, police is opposite lawfully undertake ransacking in home of personnel of case of a few experience, in the toilet of worker Home Xu Home Fuzhong, the part is shown by pilfer debt “ body ” .

Xu Fuzhong is explained, he and worker horse dragon are the kin of company boss. When 2 people were moving that day, see there was cash to have pilfer heart then in the newspaper below bedplate. Sign up for clew today: Valuable is carried

Wang Shaocheng of assistant director of colourful pink police station warns a citizen, will all article answers before moving, especially valuable, cash carry. After loading goods bin, should use gum, the thing of rope and so on seals prison, department prison. After carrying, want to be checked in time to bin, look to whether had been opened had flipped through even. When moving, had better not only a family follows carry, at least due two family follow.
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