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Move arrange bale law of in the right way
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Cell changes apartment, xiaofang changes big house, old house changes bridal chamber, standard of living rose, the living environment of dwellers also follows improvement. 51 ” of “ grew a holiday to get on for, many citizens want to choose this opportunity to change a room to move. But, mention move, a lot of people should headache for it again, this can not be a simple and comfortable thing, no matter whether you choose remover,in the side you move, arrange bale him must is finished, besides a few valuable or delicate thing, let others arrange put in order also may not is at ease.

So, face the utensils of one house, how should be cleared away arrange bale? City developing zone Chinese move the professional personage of limited service company instructs everybody a few court here.

Thing is arranged bale

The as a result of the thing sort when moving, amount is various, classics regular meeting produces a disorder. Be carried to facilitate and relocate, avoid attaint, involuntary discharge of urine to break the happening with confused phenomenon, before move Ying Xianhua nods time to be done to all article the program is classified and arrange bale.

Small article

Arrange principle ———

The article with light 1. is put above, drop a cover again. Want to seal close case, put the case of the clog especially, bottom should decide a prison (seal box to had better use scotch tape, its stick force stronger, rupture not easily also) .

2. fragmentary article as far as possible case, lest move hind scatter lose.

3. needs used article is installed together everyday, if the kitchen is finely the textbook of things, child, stationery or the things that wash 潄 , earmark is done to make clear outside paper box, so that search. The clean things such as the dishcloth, cloth that wash a bowl, cleaner, bale additionally, so that arrive,new residence hind can be used.

4. is other wait like 0 dresses, book, can bale by use frequency and importance classification.

The article such as 5. medicines and chemical reagents can be packed alone and indicate, with equipment urgent need.

6. puts the article classification that has baled, if the paper box such as brittle, small home appliance wants to be put together, so that distinguish, search easily on one hand, remind remover attention easily also on the other hand.

Concentration of 7. various certificate, headgear, bankbook, negotiable securities is custodial, if be necessary,can put bank safe.

8. discharge article, bale and code: Moving a few days ago to disassemble of all kinds article, classified bundle up is appropriate case, and in box external use earmark pen makes clear the place inside box to load goods, lest forget the outfit inside box, is why content. In the meantime, should be outside box number, when such carrying, mix after moving immediately knowable have deny a case to omit.
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