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Of the house geomantic
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Bought a house to want to look those who had had is geomantic, good meeting fund is wide into, the business is thriving.

Geomantic with learn easily to concern. We know contemporary the fastest, the giantest computer has not exceeded 64BIT, and << The Book of Changes >> come to include world with 64 divinatory symbols before thousands of years, geomantic it is to learn the application in the life easily. A lot of people think " of " geomantic theory is spoken carelessly, actually incorrect, still be well-founded. Speak carelessly as to somebody, that is other one thing. Geomantic concern with the element such as the environment. That is told to average person, two words read aloud “ environment ” rise simple, can average person can not do say, especially the environment after the house before the room is complex, around left and right sides, far far and near has each nearly different.

Because the code about the environment, byelaw is varied, fall into all sorts of trap carelessly a bit. The Chinese is very clever, invented before 4000 geomantic learned concept. Still act on geomantic foundation lay various geomantic theory. Be regarded as superstition hundreds of years by Hesperian just like acupuncture and qigong, like be being admitted to be effective treatment by a lot of medical treatment insurance company however now, geomantic already by a lot of businessmen, banker, lawyer, reach a lot of celebrity place to look at in person, be helpful for getting rich not only, become rich, be helpful for health of body and mind, because this is called the office of wealthy person and house recipe. Talk about color of “ geomantic ” to change as to somebody, because do not know its,be clever, do not know natural regulation and environmental science, believe superstition place comes, honest a bit regretful. Luxurious, comfortable geomantic house, let a person really find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, relaxed and happy. Everybody knows, the world-renowned building gem such as the fastigium with towering pyramid of the appearance of elegance of simple and unadorned of the White House of the Jin Bihui brilliant of Beijing Forbidden City, Washington, Egypt lets a person be reluctant to leave roundtrip. Contrary, because volcano erupts, city of admire of Italian ancient Pang by bury; As a result of Turkish use Temple of God at deposit ammunition, the result will be Greek big fane of Pat farming is destroyed at once; Still the United States nots one car business of Luo Li Dazhou because optional location is undeserved, hundreds luxurious car sinks as a result of ground defect between one night underground. Saying is natural disaster, investigate its reason is people what know to nature is indigent. Geomantic and academic just emphasizes person and natural confluence. Contemporary and geomantic the superstition that has been innocent person no longer, learn the system however, learn hygiene of geological, architectural, ecological, environment, easily, the child of the humanities and estate photograph union. So, what house property is geomantic and bad?
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