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Remover---Remove the happy event of house and fear
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People at " marriage funeral is festival " when for invocatory and lucky omen, from of old folk is circulating namely a few
Those who be fond of avoid is consuetudinary. Migratory (move house) when, the folk-custom that also a few should notice is fond of avoid:
1. moves house to said some of lucky word as far as possible that day.
2. moves house that day family cannot howling, cannot get angry in disorder, cannot beat and scold dot.
When 3. moves house, cannot greet sb with others.
4. moves house that day cannot siesta, also cannot be in new curtilage siesta, fall ill easily in the future otherwise.
5. moves house that day in the evening, before go to bed, answer to lay down first 5 minutes or so, immediately gets up to work again, express " slept
Get up again even " (common child sleeps new bed Yi Ran, lie first, be about its get up, cannot fall asleep directly, express " lie
Rise again even below " ) , fall ill easily in the future otherwise.
6. moves house that day, appropriate is boiling a few boiled water newly to reach curtilage blow fanner in all directions in the home batch, in an attempt to " wind unboiled water rises " .
Appropriate boiled 7. in the evening that day some sweet stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup, sweetmeats, the family is fed in all, express fireside, sweet desire.
When 8. moves house, should take strict precautions against move " fetal god " . When the woman in the home has pregnancy, do not move house as far as possible. In case blame move cannot when, the woman go ahead of the rest that should let have pregnancy leaves old curtilage the spot, and in old curtilage every move one thing, use first " new broom " sweep, can avoid to be moved so " fetal god " . (" almanac " all have account daily " fetal god " the place that takes, can consult
" day-to-day place takes fetal look You Fang finalities " ) 4, epilogue busies to answer, transaction, frequent with each passing day contemporary and industrial and commercial society, people is migratory (move house) need, arrange " migratory (move house) into pick an auspicious day curtilage " relevant data, the person that hope alignment equipment is migratory is helped somewhat, can avoid fierce hasten auspicious, the the whole family is restful.