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Of villatic building geomantic
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Villatic (build a building oneself) open the door reach building number of plies to do not have rigid limitation commonly, open the door for the moment no matter, with respect to its number of plies, have, 2, of three-layer, etc, so are its geomantic what is gist? Observe and study its are geomantic good or ill luck, must use wear curtilage law. Appropriate of building of auspicious star office is lofty, appropriate of building of fierce star office is low small. Never build tall house in fierce star place, small house is built in auspicious star place. If although be the circumstance that fierce star room needs rapid move is used however,be encountered, living room be about the agile law of law of room of section route cent will repair the travel that build ability. If Ji Xing lies fierce square, building also cannot lofty. For example Jupiter is in Jinfang and so on, attribute this kind of situation. The following with opening the door azimuth and number of plies explain its are geomantic good or ill luck.

Villatic (build a building oneself) geomantic good or ill luck opens the door with its 9 stars (palace) good or ill luck tries judge, its 9 stars (palace) not only advocate the azimuth of the building, advocate the number of plies of the building. Although azimuth auspicious, but in number of plies the respect if appropriate is tall low however, appropriate is low tall however, so, this belonging to fierce admittedly fierce, and be auspicious originally also can become fierce. If sit south the house that opens male door north, if be the 2nd the 5th the 4th layer, building is layer, tall, that is auspicious, gold blessing salary is sent greatly. If straightforward, female square building is tall, that with respect to riches and honour ages ago, descendants is flourish. If sit south the house that opens bank door north, it is extreme misery does not rush shoot, because its sit,just go up contain delay Nian Jixing. If the 5th three-layer, building is tall, advocate for generations gives the imperial examinations, person that takes an examination of the first, descendants is healthy, this is riches and honour curtilage. This has an insatiable desire for a wolf curtilage is Ji Xing, like lofty, but the building is built loftily unsuited however. The rest may be deduced by analogy.