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School midnight moves disappear from the scene
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After “ received our tuition, new way computer grooms the school closed suddenly. ” yesterday morning 11 when make, the morning paper that the reporter receives a citizen to dial namely hot line of Chinese ink workstation 80631616 inform against a phone. The reporter is driven
Reach the designated position at namely Chinese ink Yellow River of garden of industry of 8 lis of one village the new way computer of 2 middles grooms the school (on graph) understanding arrives, shared hundreds student to pay nearly 100 thousand yuan tuition in this school.

Provoke hundreds student madly

Yesterday morning, one already groomed in new way computer the school pays fee plum surname student tells a reporter, she seeks advice in this school by October when, the “ of chief glibly acceptance of Liu of a surname wants to learn here only, what card can do ” . At the beginning of November, she grooms to new way computer the tuition that the school paid nearly 400 yuan and book cost, hope next year can take accountant testimony for certain.

According to report, of practice 5 short month, new way computer grooms the school is only inside industrial garden wait for professional items with accountant, computer, Han Yu, Japanese, network, recruited hundreds student, every student received 400—600 yuan the tuition that differ and teaching material cost.

Midnight lorry moves

After enter a school, some student ask to look groom the business charter of the school and relevant intelligence letter, concerned controller always looks for excuse to be perfunctory, state “ won't have problem ” absolutely.

On December 23, student people see groom the school did not open the door 3 days. A citizen near the school says, after 9 nowadays levy 19 days of evening, a truck came suddenly at the door the school, waited for stool of the computer inside the school, teaching material, desk to be taken away entirely. As to the whereaboutldirection of school chief, it is clear to there is a person all round.

Police intervening investigation

Because “ grooms the school is to be followed along with learn, till the society, without fixed schooltime, the school that major now student still does not know to this deceives people has coiled money runninged. ” a student says, he and a few student already reported a case to the security authorities to local police, the hope can let all student know this matter as soon as possible, let everybody rise to get back his justice with law jointly. Namely Chinese ink police is received report a case to the security authorities, already launched investigation according to relevant clew.