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Move throw cost of sock householder refuse payment
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Provincial capital a remover worked one day, final householder refuses a money, the reason is to move oneself are little in the process a few pairs of socks. Bilateral refuse to budge does not fall, alarmed later 110 policeman, but both sides sticks to his argument. Final householder pays remover half fee.
A surname gentleman is provincial capital the employee of some remover, when accepting a reporter to interview, he appears special grievance: Be in village of Lu Mou of garden of Jinan city north, 4 employee of their company worked continuously more at 10 o'clock from in the morning much at 6 o'clock afternoon, the day of big heat is so busy that the day of big heat connect the meal was not considered so that eat midday, which know “ move this settle accounts, householder says however little 78 pairs of famous brand socks, 300 multivariate the service of money is expended not only do not give, let us compensate for him instead however 300 multivariate money. ”
And householder the grievance that Ms. Chen also is bellyful, she says: “ also nots worth actually how many money, just feel to get angry in the heart. In the begining they buckle my shampoo fell, I wanted to come back to them. The sock that discovers husband again later was done not have, I feel very angry. ”
To seek redress 300 yuan view, householder says: We did not let “ they are compensated for, feel they are not easy also, still gave me to go the sock, this appearance does not have method settle accounts. ”
Bilateral refuse to budge does not fall, alarmed 110 policeman, however the policeman will also do not have method, let them talk things over by oneself solve. In the evening 7 when make, the controller of remover hurries to the spot, ms. Chen paid 150 yuan of fee finally. Ms. Chen appeals remover wants to say sincere letter, and the chief horse lady of remover also appeals householder says sincere letter, “ usually, if be big thing, we sign an agreement with the client, if damaging, we should have repair or compensation. But to a few little article, be being returned less after all is not little very it's hard to say. ”