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Inside a many month move 4 times
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It is merely inside time of a many month, of bus of a gleam of of Tie Xixin area the room moved tower terminus 4 times on the west, finally must stay is below a transformer of roadside. However, here also the home that may not is it.

After all where should the home of room of this public transportation station be?

Station room is apart from transformer to be not worth a meter

Yesterday, the reporter comes to the new home seat of this station room designedly, the controller of company of Shenyang Xin bus tells a reporter, this station room does not have water to do not have report at all now, late God black a bit, must report of left hand hatchet man, shine accordingly write.

The reporter sees, inside station room very narrow, can hold below 34 people only, the dispatcher that works inside station room tells a reporter, dress eider down takes a feeling to wanted aspic to appear, and be less than a meter from transformer as a result of station room far, often can hear the voice that transformer gives out, “ is afraid of really be worn not carefully by report. ”

Because stand inside the room too cold, the driver of contact did not rest into house at all, pointing to aside pail, dispatcher tells a reporter, drinking water is icy and icy, solved thirsty so cold however that be overcome.

As we have learned, resemble a gleam of of Tie Xixin area such, station room condition does not amount to the mark, circumstance that does not have his to be nodded legally at all, in Shenyang city there still is a lot of in many 140 public transportation circuitry.

Room of station of a many month moves 4 times

Near village of golden China garden, it is original Tie Xixin area a gleam of on the west the station room seat of tower terminus, but village dweller mirrors bus noise later too big, serious to environmental pollution, then about the branch the decision will stand room eastwards move. This station room of a gleam of of Tie Xixin area began to move for the first time then. Letting what it did not think of is, successional move was moved 4 times in all actually inside the time of a month.

Station room above all move arrived to presswork near the factory, presswork the factory appears personally interference, the land for building that emphasizes station room place returns presswork the factory is all, station room does not get privately to take up. Hind bureau of classics city traffic is public transportation do appear personally after coordinating, the wall outside establishing the position of station room those who was in Jin Chengbin house again again, this draws Jin Chengbin again the house is proximate enlighten hall appears personally check, same argument: The place that station room takes up is enlighten hall spends money to buy, must not use casually.

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