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Move worker " move " take 10 thousand yuan of renown lists
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Yesterday afternoon, hangzhou grandson lady looks for this city some remover moves, among them one moves the worker took the watch of on a value 10 thousand secretly, fortunately Ms. Sun reaction recovered watch in time, signed up for alarm.

Afternoon at 1 o'clock half, ms. Sun calls asked remover to help move partial furniture to new dwelling place, next from advocate the bedroom takes money to prepare settle accounts, as it happens is touched on a worker of remover from advocate the toilet of the bedroom goes.

Ms. Sun says: I see “ in his heart with respect to wondering, I should be moved without furniture advocate bedroom ah. But move after the worker went, I remember suddenly get on a value yesterday evening watch puts the Kadeya of 10 thousand in advocate the toilet of the bedroom. ” is tightened in Ms. Sun heart, the watch when running over to look already be dead, contact village property hastily, as it happens bars in village doorway the car that left remover. The sweetheart of Ms. Sun asks the worker hands over watch, want to call the police otherwise, did not hesitate how long, among them the watch that a worker drew out Ms. Sun from inside underwear pocket.

Ms. Sun is hit 110 after calling the police, the police of brook police station took away the worker that takes watch secretly on the west, appraisal moves to express value 16000 yuan, had reached the level of put on record of larceny.