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My move story
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Its course is such: I am to be in 29 days to move surely, for reliable shift to an earlier date a few days to call booked remover. Found the company of home of a haulage calling prosperous at that time. The person that has experience knows, when you and remover talk about price, he can ask you a few moving circumstances, move a few buildings from a few buildings for example, there is electric equipment of what home all, what in the home, with need not tear open the information such as outfit, I and his home talk so that moment asks according to his home place one bout answered at that time, after talking about good value, I decide to use his home, agree 29 recently is moved.
Came to remover of 29 days of mornings, gross a driver and two porter, enter after arriving home, 3 people see the thing in house, I think should begin to work, did not think of that driver said a word however all of your home home is too high-grade I am not moved, result face about gets the building below the worker, be stupefied a long time to had not turned over a god to come to my building at that time.
Wait for me to had turned over a god to chase immediately ask: “ has what furniture is beforehand tells you, how to move again now? ” . The domestic all that that driver says to reason is your home is too high-grade I am not moved, you look for others, say to drove to go. To me domestic furniture is described here, each judgement visitting an official is high-grade. The domestic all brand of my home is Oudibao, material is tall character of density board, the surface is the piano lacquer of the white of gush, appear brighter. The person that furniture city has rambled on knows, inn of a lot of all is selling this kind of furniture now.
Home “ all is too high-grade ” this is what reason! I think at that time. And all things in my home make nice package, bed of what tore open, if move,won't do to do not have a place to sleep in the evening. I am particularly furious at that time, call to be complained to their company immediately, prosperous motion company lets after I am described, begin to still say to give what arrangement can move again with me, let the phone such as my, the result does not have reply a long time. I am anxious made a telephone call to the company again, did not think of this time the mood came 180 degrees turn greatly, become and driver argument is same, say furniture is too high-grade be not moved. More annoying thing is this customer service not only those words that contact to saying formerly to help me do not say a single word, still begin frame a case against I say to cheat him, say I did not say the true state of affairs. I am special feel puzzled, when booking, you ask the circumstance in the home in full detail tells me, what do you ask I answer what, the result tells this now again. Say you did not ask chest is what character at that time again, I also did not say, since the cheat that why comes again didn't I say? More what is more,the rather that your remover does what this goes to do not have a consideration, how do I know to want a consideration, in the end still is hit instead make smooth with a rake say I am cheated, really funny. When the issue that makes annoying tells a truth with them namely, their company feels to did not have manage to hang the phone directly, I hit the past not to pick up the telephone again. In succession was hit 4, 5 do not receive. This is a what company!
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