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My move story
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I see counting on his home is to did not make fun of later, check rapidly again 114 looked for a happy remover, although be made an appointment with temporarily, but in 10: 30 when dividing, person car reached the designated position (a driver, 4 workers) . Hind word, the member that happy that day company moves family reachs my home, they are laughing at the thing before I and they mention to say Home “ your home we had moved this kind of furniture countless times, of hundred thousands of we had been moved, this does not calculate your home what ” . See a family should not return a responsibility.
This home was moved that day in 29 days at long last finally, the behavior of Dan Changyun remover is to make me very difficult calm however, the customer service of irresponsible company, persist unreasonably makes me furious, let my be bitterly disappointed. Write the netizen that comes out to want move to everybody now, hope you can absorb experience to teach a lesson from my body, must look for remover accurate!

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