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Spring common people moves story
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Spring is bridal chamber is decorated, the busy season of new residence of move to a better place or have a promotion, meet God enrages the time with good fine, there can be a lot of family in a courtyard at the same time busy move moves, the masters of remover often also are met the work that began one day at 9 o'clock from before dawn. New residence happy change is the first class important matter in common people life, what interesting story does the meeting in moving process produce? Of common people
Is the mood how? And let us go in this warm spring one by one … of seek by inquiry, perception…

On April 8, on Sunday, sunshine is bright, it is in last few days rare fine day is enraged, several other peoples are in courtyard of family member of Lu Dong college busy move moves, the teacher since Shao Ying is a among them.

In the morning 9 when 40 minutes, I come to the area austral courtyard of Mr. Shao's former home ——— family member 36 buildings, the master worker that sees remover busy move carries TV, freezer, book, clothings to wait downward from home of 3 buildings Mr. Shao miscellaneous 7 miscellaneous the thing of 8, light is a book, mr. Shao was installed greatly small 559 cases.

“ Mr. Shao, is bridal chamber much bedding face accumulated? ”“160 makes the same score rice. Is ”“ so big? This still does not consider ”“ big, we still have 180 to average the house of rice, the 230 below two houses on smooth rice are digging foundation, estimation the end of the year also is met finishing. Ordinarily, I can divide the 230 rooms of smooth rice, but mix with respect to me in the home old partner two people, two children work in Beijing, come back inaccessibly at ordinary times, old two live so big house sky is gotten confused, so we were about 160 of smooth rice, old to us two for enough. The ground says buoyant of ” Mr. Shao.

After Mr. Shao of 64 years old graduated greatly from music division 1970 this year, come to the teachers training school of predecessor ——— Yantai of Lu Dong university, staying here is 36 years. Just married that, mr. Shao divided a half housing only, his marry at a mature age is taken care of to just give cent in this or school; Till 80 time end, the institute begins to build dormitory building, mr. Shao just divided the one house that covers 449 to make the same score rice again; 1998, to improve pedagogic housing, the institute built building of a batch of dormitories newly again, this, mr. Shao is divided to 90 to average the house of rice; The 160 bridal chamber of smooth rice that move this, it is the quadruplet room that Mr. Zhao divides, the 3rd home that move, this every are moved, the house is capacious, the smile on Mr. Shao face also is more than, compare bright.

Follow the car of remover, I and press photographer Ma Yue reached the new home that Mr. Shao is located in 65 buildings together, of bridal chamber decorate a style extremely simple, tonal also very quietly elegant is pure and fresh, mr. Shao says he likes such style, do not like a home in do so that mix like the hotel gorgeous, mr. Shao is the gladdest is: In new home he had a 26 studies with smooth large rice, here, he is OK and free the ground is as written as every the … opposite side…
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