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Spring common people moves story
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Home of samite street king: It is really good to move! The family can get together well get together

Yesterday, mr Wang made a telephone call to mother-in-law again, besides salaam, still invite a respectful form of address for an old person to come look in the home. Because on March 22 his move to a better place or have a promotion new residence.

Speak of this thing, mr Wang has ashamed in the heart, marry 20 year, never arrive home in sister of nonlocal mother-in-law, brother personally in sit. Not be he does not think, however that hut is accommodated hard really.

The new residence of Mr Wang is in samite street 29, it is to cover cheap to rent a house. In the space of more than 40 square, putting 1 piece of 1 piece of ark of 3 groups of combination, desks, beds, be the buy when marrying. Only is costly is a freezer and a television, also have use fixed number of year of 13 years. To moving, mr Wang has the joys and sorrows of life of skinful, he laughs say oneself are become quickly move “ specialist ” ——— did not move the home 5 times to 20 years.

Move into in be being moved, that paragraph of time at the beginning of 2006 comes by 2005 Mr Wang is unforgettable all one's life. The applicant that the evening paper end 2005 rents a house to cheap undertook fair show. See a list of names posted up go up famous, mr Wang already excitement worries again. Excited is “ expects in the end eventually ” , can once be brushed to come down,you do how? Then, every other 10 days of half moon, he and daughter-in-law can hit explore to make visit.

This year on January 20, mr Wang waits eventually came good news ——— goes house property trades the center does procedure. “ I think at that time him mishear, return clutch oneself are one, feel to ache, it is true that this ability believes. Next coming home that feel even the footstep light a lot of. Daughter-in-law hears a good news, cried at that time. ”

Two people overnight not Mian. Take bridal chamber key, mr Wang saw a room with daughter-in-law outpace. The more than 40 buildings of smooth rice, do not feel big to a few people, but in the eye in Mr Wang, “ is so capacious, I did not think before. I can be to expect in the end. Also need not worry to hire room, chummage again, also need not kill anxious to where go to to move ……” word comes here place, mr Wang and wife eye socket one red, two hot tears boil fall. This tear is full of excitement, more was full of appreciate. Because be in their speech, ” of government of “ acknowledgment party, acknowledgment is the word with occurrence most frequency.

Happy east road king home: Move true beauty! Fly on high-rise from flat

After many setbacks, we come to happiness 2 villages are happy east road home of uncle of 2 Wang Shuan inside 69 buildings. Wang Dashu just is moved into this bridal chamber before half months, 3 rooms one hall, 98 smooth rice, smooth sitting room has two to make the same score rice, the person goes in, in the heart true clear, the old partner of uncle of king of readily take the opportunity to, 70 years old at aunt straight talk about again and again: Daydream did not think of, I this still can stay in age the house with go up so so big, fine.
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