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Spring common people moves story
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The aunt that before accompanying, comes has received word stubble, relief is low here before “ , arrive rain snow day, seeper can have done not have knee, the person goes not to go at all. Those years, want face of black tiger of old day of at sight of only, we run to market rapidly, buy some of grain, dish to put the home more in; Go out the child that go to work, or go by way of takes the place with high relief, or puts on the water boots of tall waist to take the road south, come to water shoe recapture by the family member again. We also lives with oppidan now on building, used tap water, liquid gas, winter village returns heating, we was not afraid of the snow with next again big again big rain. Thanksed to village old house is transformed, can our where stay in otherwise the time with go up so the house with go up so fine, good too? , old sister-in law? ” two aunts you my ground is saying, look reach, they are very glad.

Occupy bridal chamber, at the aunt one day should clean sanitation several times, the floor in the kitchen is to use dishcloth little to brush, tired return tired, but say to be able to live in so fine house at the aunt, tired dot is glad also; In the center of the sitting room, placing a brand-new leather sofa, just bought apparently, say at the aunt the previously old sofa in the home is placed here not good-looking, sent kin, let a son be bought again set new. When wanting to say good-bye, came back at the uncle of old partner Wang Shuan of the aunt, listen to our one's purpose in coming clear, wang Dashu also repeatedly come to an agreement or understanding, the old house that says their village transforms close already end, common people mostly occupy new building, at the moment, ” of 6 villages, 7 villages, 8 villages are busy in the home also “ destroy the old and establish the new builds bridal chamber.

Home of flourish of Fu Tailu Zhao: Move to be amused really! A cake should be pressed first in boiler

This spring, very unforgettable to Mr. Zhao Rong of Yantai nurse school, because of her declare of the life that rent a house ends, had a 76 bridal chamber of smooth rice that belong to oneself.

Two years ago, just married that, the unit that hears of husband can divide a room very quickly, young couple does not have rapid move to buy, a 50 little rooms that will make the same score rice were hired to living in Fu Maolu, but fast two years, also did not see the unit divides a room, this Mr. Zhao is anxious, because she wants to want a baby rapidly very much, do not want to let the child be born in again lease the building that come in. Then, she begins to see a room everywhere with husband, took a fancy to a 76 little rooms of smooth rice in the Fu Tailu around eventually, make the same score meter of 2400 yuan price to buy its with every finally.

Mr. Zhao and husband like the home of concise and lively, pure and fresh quietly elegant to live a style, act on this big principle, she begins to hold mud to be gone to euqally like swallow coating, lumber, lamps and lanterns is bought in the home. To buy the curtain with alternate with of a pair of olivine, pure and fresh quietly elegant, mr. Zhao did not know to run how many times leg, be in finally the inn of a cloth art of 3 stations cleans out his; When buying furniture, touching factory of a furniture to organize an activity, mr. Zhao likes the color of this furniture factory and style very much, buy in their home neat all utensils: Chest, tea table, gules cloth art sofa …… is looked at originally deserted house little is beautiful, sweet rise, did not wait hire a room to expire, mr. Zhao ground of too impatient to wait is shouting to move.
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