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Spring common people moves story
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In native place, move have exquisite, undertook stealthily in before dawn, and a will press in boiler cake moves bridal chamber first. Husband's father and mother says this is to make the day is crossed better, make young couple strict carry out, still say on March 8, on March 11 two days are wedding day, optional one day is moved go. Young couple is depended on plan act, 7 days of evening, the husband of Mr. Zhao did not close a key point overnight, maintaining get close to forcedly to arrive before dawn a bit, shake ground of leisurely of shake from side to side to taking flashlight to send new home boiler, the result still forgot to put cake in boiler, husband's father and mother telephones say to be no good, do not have method, be forced to be moved again, 11 days of before dawn, the husband of Mr. Zhao depends on pa Mom stratagem to move the high-pressured pot in the home into new home, not bad, did not forget this to put cake …… to sit in new home in boiler, narrate is worn moving stake stake fun, mr. Zhao and husband laugh so that rock ……“ had his check eventually, am we grouchy? ” cherishs the toy rebukes, mr. Zhao is laughing to let husband take the first piece of picture in bridal chamber for oneself.

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In this exuberant spring, a lot of other peoples are busying to be fond of change new residence: The high-rise from the bungalow ingoing bright and clean with low-lying relief, move into the new home that decorates anew from the building that leases, still a few impoverished crowds rely on governmental support to live went up capacious and bright cheap rents a house, the house that has partial multitude more changes older more, the day crosses better …… to go on the ave every time, see the Lou Qun that those build, the car that sees remover has sailed beside, I remember what just had interviewed to move story, “ these families that build new home of each ingoing in Lou Qun, also having oneself story certainly, these stories also are carrying the earnest wish of how many person certainly. ”

On this world, in this city, have a house that belongs to oneself and family, ignite a lamp that belongs to oneself and family, because this must set this mind at too and the day calms, it is the desire with the simplest to the life Everyman, the simplest to happiness explanation, also wish the spring of the coming year has more people to be fond of …… of change new residence

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