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About " ant moves " smuggling phenomenon
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Dispatch reporter Li Gongmei reported Nanning of window of people net Guangxi on April 13: Be in Guangxi border area, “ ant moves of ” type small smuggling phenomenon is banned repeatedly more than, 12 days, nanning custom closes long Yang Jian to divulge, nanning custom will according to the method that administer thoroughly, blow “ ant moves ” type smuggling.

“ ant moves of ” type small the difficult point that smuggling seems custom to hit now, after the object is caught, these individual smuggling can make amerce handle only commonly, punished Qian Zailai, form an odd group. “‘ ant moves the smuggling of ’ type, it is the supportive ” that contrabands a gang rear, yang Jian discloses.

Nanning custom will undertake sealing blocking up to a gleam of, undertake patrolling in border land line, go on a tour of inspection, the sea is aspirant go on a tour of inspection of travel coastguard cutter, it is fixed, bit more important to set have go on a tour of inspection; Next, the market that smuggling goods disposal of stolen or contraband goods has repair; Have repair to key village, the member that river of edge of a few coastal, edges, edge contrabands key area to have smuggling symptom person instead and the village that often produce smuggling activity, town, will make a focal point; Insist to hit a gang, strengthen information job, cooperate with frontier defence branch, blow big case wants case.

Introduce according to chief of bureau of Nanning custom suppress smuggling, 2006, nanning custom hunts down smuggling case 1972, experience record amount exceeds 1.9 billion yuan, experience case suspect 354 people, move send public security mechanism 192 people, the court adjudicates 189 people. (be over)