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Move move a half to go
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“ asks remover to move, both sides talks about good value, did not think of the other side moves a half to want to raise price unexpectedly, after be being rejected, bearer goes directly unexpectedly person! ” yesterday morning, mr Zhang passes Fuzhou a small advertisement, contacted a remover. In the phone both sides talks about good value, from Fuzhou east market opening opens yuan of village to carry two cars furniture, one car carry is gone to the austral Jin Hui of the highway on golden hill riverside; One car carry is gone to the island after Fujian Hou, collect fees in all 280 yuan.
Differ meeting, 3 bearer will to Mr Zhang be located in yuan of village the home of 6 buildings, the other side sees the cabinet of Mr Zhang home say: “ cupboard is too great too long bad to move! ” because this cabinet is detachable, mr Zhang is forced oneself ravel the cabinet.
Subsequently, bearer carries the cabinet put forward again after first floor, thing of Mr Zhang home is much, truckage gets a worker to add 20, altogether 60 yuan. Is Mr Zhang says to had talked about the price at the outset, how can does the thing move a half to raise price with respect to chaos? Unexpectedly 3 bearer go directly unexpectedly person.