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Harbin remover price
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Service price
One, cost having price
1: Owlet?50 yuan.
2: グ Qiao wisdom exorcise is bald price has when longing for?20 180 yuan, price has when model is 120 above 200 yuan
3: Hu fly price of? of Yan Maoyao of small cup tan / yuan) :
Project 1 ~ 2 3 ~ 5
Tear open outfit 100200
Sheet is torn open 60120
Odd outfit 60140
4: Hu is sunken price of? of the Yan Maoyao that bow with hands clasped to Le / yuan) :
Value of project value project
3 ~ 4 chest stage of the top class in a kindergarten of 120     120
5 ~ 150     sets 6 chest ark 150
3 ~ 4 files ark bed of children of 100   monolayer 80
Table of conference of 3 meters of less than bed of children of 100   double deck 120
Table of conference of 3 meters of above stand of book of 120   children 80
5 ~ 6 files ark big bed of 150     50
Office stage (above of 10 pieces of stages) 20 bar ark 150
Screen (press every pieces of stage plan) 35

Note: Kang of an ancient nationality in China of Bao of Ke of tritium of gizzard of  of Cheng of Zou of glow of fall from the sky rising abruptly guides show ah Mo of  of Qu banter  reads? every number one-way valuation.
2, surtax
1, floor cost: Languid of Ke Xian hesitating mails?0 yuan, bungalow elevator does not collect fees.   
2, be apart from cost: Kang of an ancient nationality in China of Yun of Ke catfish tritium rising abruptly guides show ah every kilometer of? of  of  of Yin   is added receive 4 yuan.
3, valuable cost: Fleabane?4 inch (contain above) color television, 200 stand litre (contain above) freezer, safe, copycat, aquarium reachs glasswork of precious pottery and porcelain, the brittle article such as antique imports the furniture difficulty that presses exercise, of working environment and article precious separately consultative!
4, odd overweight cost: This ぐ fleabane Song Qie returns?50 of throat of ゼ  Qi kilogram (contain above) when, add receive 100-150 yuan
5, be apart from cost: Does the back block barren Gorgon euryale? When health litter? carries a distance to exceed 20 meters artificially, by every rice is added 1 yuan close.
6, much place loading/discharging charges: Discharge of? of ψ of Kang Qi the Huaihe River) the place is added receive 30 yuan.
7, cost of man-hour of incur loss through delay: Ignorant dash forward greedy for food of ぷ of Wan of barren of Peng of delay of litter of Lv of bottom of party of Tao of spoon of Fei of г  flood dragon swims Lian な pump gnaws ∈ to go straight towards mail?0 yuan. Medium, line-haul will press freight 70% collection (car, personnel was not sent, not be in computation! )
8, sail for nothing cost: When client of? of delay of pilfer lens litter cancels to use a car, every number is taken sail for nothing expend 100 yuan.
9, carry rate artificially: Brighting bud this? of joint of bones of pilfer of  of Ping of suddenly of ぐ fleabane twinkling everybody is horary 30-40 yuan (dissatisfaction presses) of a hour of plan cost one hour.
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