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Wuhan oneiromancy moves remove serious heavy other people to shed limited compan
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The project is weighed since Wuhan oneiromancy (group) the company is a government approbate, hoisting company is weighed since normal major, be China in the strong service brand of the can be counted on one's fingers in hoisting industry is being weighed since the area.
The company introduces strategic investor on original basis, undertook new conformity and recombine, the new company protruding after recombining showed the integrated advantage of capital, management, technology, talent, burst forth powerful group fights ability. The “ that realized a company to put forward is backing with powerful capital, plan the strategy of ” of modern management concept and engraft of traditional industry posture.
Company service project is complete, be engaged in mechanization and blame mechanization removing heavy hoisting to work, scope of business includes high-level hoisting, rise to be carried again, equipment have a change of luck, equipment falls, factories and mines removes, installation is debugged, the exercise outside breakdown rush to repair, port, construction object involves machine tool of heavy equipment, large tower crane, numerical control, transformer department, central air conditioning, refrigerator group, remove dust ark of ice of type of drive a vehicle of roof tuss of boiler, chimney, generation set, elevator, island, presswork gantry crane of profile of handicraft of equipment, communication equipment station, sculpture, building, dragon.