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Wuhan installs nimble to remove a heavy limited company
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Wuhan installs nimble to remove remove heavy limited company to held water 1995, our company are a market rises heavy, hoisting, carry, move, the content shedding, freight, integrated service limited company that is an organic whole. Company major servicing has: Of the Electromechanical equipment such as aircrew of dynamo, cold water, generation set, air conditioning, boiler, machine burning gas carry the business such as hoisting. Firm main client: Factory, unit, reach big small and medium sized business move haulage change to wait.
This unit is the professional team that is engaged in removing heavy, hoisting to carry installation artificially. Carry on the unit moves, move the size such as factory, machine, machine tool equipment, goods and materials to tear open outfit perch, hoisting to carry etc.
Rise to be carried again artificially, size overhead traveling crane tears open the equipment hoisting service such as water tower of outfit, high level, size boiler to tear open outfit perch, chimney to tear open container of feet of outfit, 20-40 draw out outfit, unit to move, enterprise or business move factory, factory to remove, all sorts of greatly. . .