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Wuhan of one mind removes limited company
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Wuhan of one mind removes finite liability company (” of company of abbreviation “ of one mind) it is classics government those who approbate, employee is held enterprise of wholy-owned and independent legal person, be China in area dimensions category of the biggest, service the most all ready, financial condition removes highestly service business. It is a market moves remove, remove heavy hoisting, big to carry, freight content flows, clean Bao Jie to reach join in chain at an organic whole, and have perfect service management system and quality monitoring system the enterprise is hypostatic.

The company introduces strategic capital on original basis, made reorganization newly and rebuild, the company after reorganizationing already protruding fights independently now ability, reveal group collaboration advantage again, spurt gives out powerful integrated glamour. Realized capital and industrial effective engraft.

The company holds mid the strategic good luck that rise abruptly, timely the ego that undertakes profundity is adjusted. To provide specializationed high-class service to broad client, the company is set move service branch, remove content of branch of heavy hoisting project, freight to flow branch and clean branch of Bao Jie project, business category covers a dweller to move, factories and mines is enterprise or business the unit removes, high-level hoisting, heavy equipment removes, have heavy setup project, clean content of Bao Jie project, freight to flow deserve to send reach homemaking the much territory such as the service, mutiple level. The “ implementation customer that perfect company organization framework offers to realize a company is in household, remove the service concept that reachs the dreamy ” that removes heavy hoisting to serve a field provided safeguard. Operation, independent business accounting becomes independent already between company departmental door, mutual cooperation, resource is shared.

The company studies with “ build all the time model organization, carry out standardization flow ” to be a target. The company established unified call center, 51519898 provide 24 hours of online advisory services for you. The company establishs network center technically still, bend force makes a network share resource platform (Www.exjt.com) , removed convenient, quick alternant style to use a system to be built between client and company.

System of resource of company labor power is complete, have cooperation of a solidarity, quality excellent, technology the top-ranking, employee group that dare make tough fight, finished one branch satisfactorily to spend entire plant to remove since hold water, station of plane of Hubei mobile company adds backfill project, Huang Bei area bridge hoisting, annul taste the project of multinomial and large high-quality goods such as installation of aircrew of luxuriant cold water, the high recognition become reconciled that got course of study of broad client, person of the same trade reachs social all circles is judged. The company always takes manpower resource own development and exterior the optimize line that introduces photograph union, to get used to the need that the company grows at full speed, the company was established technically groom center, introduce outstanding talent ceaselessly.
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